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Protecting Your Custom Made Class Ring

Whether you're ordering female class rings or men's class rings, you will need to protect them so they last longer and not get damaged. 

We offer several types of graduation ring finishes such as stainless steel, silver, brass, 18K gold and many more! the first thing you need to do to protect your school ring is to remove it whenever you're doing heavy work, whenever exposed to chemicals, or when working with power tools. 

Silver or gold class rings will usually tarnish with time. To bring back life to your school class ring, you can remove the tarnish with any good silver polish you have. After polishing your ring with a soft cloth, clean it in a mild soapy solution, then rinse it with water and let it dry. 

Quality birthstone rings need a little care as well. Treat your ring as any other fine jewellery that you own. Always remember to store it carefully and not leave it unprotected.         


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