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Order Terms and Conditions

Please find below our order terms and conditions:

  • Customer order information: When submitting the order form (found online, or your own order form), please make sure that all the information is 100% accurate. Any delays in information submission will also delay the delivery of your order.
  • Order finalization: Be sure to review all the information in your order form, once you submit to us the final order form we will start your order. Once the order information is sent to our production team, it will be difficult to change something in your order.
  • Changes in order after submitting: If you require changes in your order, an extra charge might be applied (depending on whether or not the production team started your order). Changes will also result in a delay in delivering your order.
  • Payment terms: For our production team to start your order, we require the full payment. Delays in payments can result in your order being put on hold.
  • Adding additional rings to your order: Adding additional rings to an order you have already placed is possible, however please note that this will result in a delay. Additional rings will be processed as a second batch, and your initial order will be placed on hold for delivery, until the extra rings are ready.
  • Main point of contact: When communicating with us regarding your group order, please appoint one main person to contact us. The main point of contact is going to inform the group about all the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Ring production: Please note that all our rings are handmade, therefore some rings might appear slightly different than other rings.
  • Delivery of your order + Customs duties: ClassRings provides free shipping for all orders worldwide! However, the customer is liable to pay any customs, import, and tax charges applied by your country.
  • Copyright and Legal action: Please note that all the designs, artwork, and order forms are copyrighted. The customer is not allowed to copy the designs, mockups, forms, and custom ring designs to be used by another company. Legal action will be taken upon the customer if the above is applied. 
  • Changes: These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without prior notice to public. Therefore we recommend you to visit our website to find the most updated terms and conditions at www.classrings.me


Contact us via Whatsapp or Email for more info.
Whatsapp: +973 6676 6100

Email: contact@classrings.me

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